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As of 2022 there are 235 different products across Japan which are officially classified as “traditional crafts”. These crafts are made in specific regions with a technique passed down over centuries. They evoke the warmth of the artisan’s hands and have a special quality that could never be replicated by a machine.
(The pins on the map show Cohana’s current production areas.)

Japanese cRAFTs

Cohana project was launched by KAWAGUCHI Co. Ltd; Japan’s leading handicraft toolmaker established in 1953. By mixing their rich experience and knowledge of developing handicraft tools with traditional techniques and design, they were able to create something extraordinary. 

HaberdasheRy items

Cohana develops products that are a treat for the eyes, easy-to-use and highly practical. They aim to create products not only for handmade lovers, but also for those who prefer unique and original haberdashery items.

Cohana hopes to keep traditional techniques alive, also for the future and at the same time revitalize the production regions

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Meet the maker

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Visiting Artisans -Story No.1
OISEI Foundry in Iwate

Visiting Artisans -Story No.2
Matsushima Kumihimo in Mie

Visiting Artisans -Story No.3
Nakamura Printing Co. Ltd. in Tokyo

Visiting Artisans -Story No.4
Craft Campany in Osaka

Visiting Artisans -Story No.5
TOMOI Co., LTD. in Nara

Visiting Artisans -Story No.6
MOCKATS in Tottori

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