Studio Masachuka Limited was established in 2012 in London by Japanese born garment maker Masahiko Morikawa.
Originally collaborating with fashion designer Kana Shirouchi, he helped run fashion brand “kaNASHKA”, gaining first-hand experience in all aspects of the industry.
Most of our clients are start-up and small independent designers and companies who are passionate about fashion. We know how exciting and fun running a fashion label can be, but on the other hand we fully understand how difficult it is to start and keep the business going.
We are passionate about what we do and we take pride in being a garment maker.
We are a maker but we want to be more than that.


– our motto – 


– TEam masachuka – 

meet the maker

Founder Masahiko started his career in 2006 with a small fashion project selling customised jeans whilst studying in Canada.
In order to gain sewing skills he started working at sewing factory Benerozo in Kumamoto where he trained for 4 years before
moving to the UK in 2011. After working as studio manager for a factory in South London and helping to run a fashion brand.
He set up Studio Masachuka Limited in 2012.