Cohana-Kokeshi Doll Pincushion Set in 4 colours


This set includes a lovely Kokeshi Doll Pincushion, an Iida Mizuhiki Needle Threader and a flower-shaped Wooden Thread Spool. A perfect gift set that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Set Contents

・Kokeshi Doll Pincushion
・Iida Mizuhiki Needle Threader
・Wooden Thread Spool White

▼Three quality needles from Meboso Hachirobei Shoten are inside the Kokeshi Doll Pincushion.


*This item is only in the gift set.
Iida Mizuhiki Needle ThreaderA lovely looking threader that adds glamour to your craft supplies.


Mizuhiki is a decorative paper cord created by twisting washi paper and then hardening it with a glue coating.

In Japan Mizuhiki is essential when giving formal gifts, where a present is wrapped with the appropriate type of Mizuhiki. The gift-sender can express their sentiments by their choice of color, number of cords and tying method depending on the occasion. Mizuhiki not only indicates that a gift is unopened, it also has a meaning of prayer in Japanese culture. Though the knot is made from paper, it cannot be cut or untied easily, and so it symbolizes the strength of connection between people and their hearts.

The Iida Mizuhiki Needle Threader is decorated with a flower-shaped Mizuhiki called ume-musubi, or plum-flower knot. It is considered quite lucky because plum blossoms bloom before the start of spring, overcoming the winter, and the ume-musubi knot symbolizes good luck, tight bonds, and the repelling of evil. The result is a lovely-looking threader that adds a touch of glamour to your handicraft tools.

Provides smooth threading through a small needle hole.

Producing Region




Mizuhiki|Kinoshita Mizuhiki Co. Ltd. / IIda City, Nagano
Established in 1961. KINOSHITA MIZUHIKI values the “和 harmony” of the materials that mizuhiki is made of, pass on the “結 tie and connect” technique, create the “beauty” of mizuhiki’s curves, and manufacture products that are handmade using the “匠 artisan techniques” of our predecessors.

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