Cohana-Awaji Kawara Magnetic Needle Rest with Needle Polisher in 5 colours


Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, blessed with good soil, is one of the leading Kawara (Japanese traditional roof tiles) producing areas in Japan. This flower motif Awaji Kawara Magnetic Needle Rest with Needle Polisher is created with the Awaji’s rich soil and the skilled artisans at Irakato.

The origin of Awaji Kawara dates back to 1610. The first Kawara roof tiles were made for Japanese castles, and later developed along with the construction rush of various types of buildings in the Edo period. There are several types of Awaji Kawara depending on how they are made, and this item is classified as a ceramic tile that is glazed and fired. Different colors of glaze create unique expressions. Each one has its own uniqueness, resulting in a colorful needle rest that adds charm to your handicraft time.

A magnet is built inside the Kawara ceramic. The magnetic needle rest is a handy sewing accessory that can keep your sewing needles safe during your projects. Also a needle polisher is built in. To polish the needle, slowly insert the needle tip into the hole on the side and slowly pull the needle out while pushing up on the bottom part. Polishing will improve the needle’s path through the cloth.

▼The hole on the side is for polishing needles.


How to use the needle polisher

1.Slowly insert a needle from the tip into the hole on the side and pull the needle out. Please be careful of the needle tip.

2.For better polishing, after inserting the needle, move it back and forth while pushing up on the logo mark on the bottom also rotate the needle several times to polish the entire surface.

3.In case abrasive dust adheres to the needle, wipe it off with a cloth before using the needle.

▼Different colors of glaze create unique expressions. Please enjoy it as a texture.

Producing Regions



Awaji Kawara|Irakato/South Awaji City of Awaji Island

Irakato, located in Tsui, South Awaji City of Awaji Island, was established in 1950 and has inherited the Kawara (Japanese traditional roof tiles) manufacturing method from his grandfather’s generation.

Using good soil from the island, Irakato makes a wide variety of products in search of new possibilities for Kawara that add colors to everyday life.

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