Cohana-Hexagonal Temari Box in 4 colours


This box is made with the wild cherry trees of the Tohoku region and topped with a handcrafted temari as a knob. Perfect for small sewing notions or other odds and ends, this elegant hexagonal box doubles as a sleek yet traditional piece of home décor.

The hexagonal shape of the box is common in Japanese home goods, as it is thought to bring harmony and stability to a household. Hand-woven balls of thread, called temari, were traditionally cherished as gifts symbolizing loyalty, friendship, and a blessed life in old Japan.

Temari balls are made by NONA. As if receiving life from nature again, NONA carefully extracts the colors from the plants and trees, dyes the threads, and uses the threads to make Temari. NONA, conveying tradition to the present with a new sensibility, creates products that are new, yet somehow remind us of the sense of time spent traveling.

Using familiar natural materials, NONA dyes the threads in the gentle colors that only nature can produce, which results in a hand made tamari balls that are both delicate and modern, a mixture of tradition and sense of freedom.

Producing Region : Tokyo

Perfect for Cohana’s small sewing notions


Traditional Japanese patterns are expressed on a small Temari.
Each Temari Ball is decorated with Japanese traditional patterns.

Yellow (Hishi-tsunagi:Water chestnuts)
Pink (Bara-kagari: Rose)
Green (Asanoha: Hemp leaves)
Blue (Kiku-kagari: Chrysanthemum)

Note : Delivery time for back-ordered items is expected to be between 2 to 4 weeks

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