Cohana-Seki Mini Scissors and Mini Drawstring Pouch Setin 5 colours


The scissors are made at Hasegawa Cutlery, a manufacturer of edged tools in Seki, Japan’s foremost cutlery-making town. They come with a beautiful silk thread tassel and a scissors case.

The drawstring pouch is made of high quality synthetic leather with a great texture, and is just the right size to hold the scissors. The pouch, reminiscent of a plump flower bud, expands like a flower in bloom when the strings are loosened. As the pouch closes tightly with a brass button and elastic, it can hold item inside. It is also recommended to hold and carry your favorite accessories or other small items.

Set Contents

▼Looks cute when hanged on a bag handle.

▼The pouch can be used to carry accessories and other small items.

▼ The handles of the scissors are limited edition color for this set. The scissor case and the pouch are made of the same material in the same color.

Producing Regions

Gifu, Fukuoka



Seki Mini Scissors|Hasegawa Cutlery / Seki City, Gifu

These mini-scissors were created by Hasegawa Cutlery, a manufacturer of edged tools established in 1933 and located in Seki, Gifu Prefecture, Japan’s foremost cutlery-making town. You can cut with these scissors by gripping them with your fingers and pinching lightly.


Tassel|MARIMO / Chikugo city,Fukuoka
A tassel studio in Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Inheriting traditional techniques, the studio specializes in delicate handcrafting of small tassels and knots. The artisan’s skill shines through in each thread wound on the thread spool, giving it a beautiful finish.

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