Magewappa Toolbox with Embroidery Hoop in 2 colours (12cm or 15cm)


A beautiful wooden toolbox with a cross-stich design on the lid and a detachable embroidery hoop that conveniently nests as the box’s outside rim. It is the perfect size for storing small tools, accessories, or sewing notions.
Magewappa means “bent wooden box,” and these exquisite products made by MOCKATS are lovingly handcrafted with Chizu cedar in the traditional Akita style.Detachable embroidery hoops made by Futaba Sangyo of Nara are beloved by professional embroidery artists and hobbyists alike. The hinoki cypress of the frame is smooth to the touch and gives off a distinctive, soothing fragrance.The toolbox comes in two sizes: 12 cm diameter by 8.5 cm height, and 15 cm diameter by 6 cm height.
Cross-stitching on the lid comes in two color schemes: the warm Koharu with pink and yellow thread, and the cool Aoi featuring blue and green stitching.




Producing Regions : Tottori × Nara





















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