Cohana-Asanoha Parquet Pencil Sharpener in 2 colours


This hexagonal wooden pencil sharpener is ergonomically designed with gently curved corners for easy sharpening.

The lid features a traditional Japanese pattern known as Asanoha, based on a type of hemp leaf. The intricate design is crafted with various hardwoods by hand in a parquet technique called Yosegi-zaiku by the master craftsman at Yosegi Koubou Ag.

The asanoha leaf has been said to have the power to expel evil spirits since the old days, and the design is commonly used throughout Japan as a protective talisman.

Any artist knows that a crisp, sharp pencil lead is essential to the process of crafting and design. The pencil sharpener itself is created by Nakajima Jukyudo, the only manufacturer in Japan who specializes in small pencil sharpeners, and the quality of this sharpener is evident in the clean, unbroken pencil shavings that the razor-sharp blade produces.

This pencil sharpener can be used for regular pencils, colored pencils, and chalk pencils of standard size.

Producing Regions : Kanagawa × Osaka

【Parquet Studio Ag.】Odawara City, Kanagawa

Yosegi Koubou Ag, a certificated specialist of Hakone Yosegi-zaiku decorative parquetry.

【Nakajima Jukyudo】 Matsubara City, Osaka

Founded in 1933, Japan’s only manufacturer specializing in small pencil sharpeners.
The shaving created by their sharpener are beautifully connected, just like art. They are attracting widespread attention both at home and abroad.











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