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Choosing the right sewing thread

Are you using the right sewing thread for your clothing?

There are a few different threads to choose from depending on the item/material you are working on. At our studio, we are mainly using 6 different types of Japanese Fujix threads (King series).

Sewing thread

King polyester (also called Tetron)
– This superfine and sleek yet strong filament thread is designed as an alternative/immitation of silk thread. It’s suitable for high-end formal garments such as silk dress, tailored jacket, formal blouse and more.

King Spun
– This is an alternative/immitation of cotton thread. It’s widely used among factories. Moon and Coats Cometa threads are one of these.

King Fit
– This is the one we are mainly using. Basically Fit is a hybrid of Tetron and Spun. It’s still very fine and sleek but also easy to use just like Spun thread.

King Resilon F
– If you see this, you won’t notice the difference but it’s self-expansible thread. We use this with Woollie (as bobbin thread) when we stitch lightly stretchy materials.

King Woollie
– This is the same as Woolly nylon. A very stretchy thread.

Ace Crown Hyper
– This is literally “Hyper” thread. It self-expands and sets with heat so you can eliminate/ease seam puckering by ironing it after stitching.

Apart from these different type of threads, we also need to use different weights of thread! e.g. No100 for blind stitch, No90 for our overlock machine, No60 for normal stitching and No 30 for top stitch… How to store tons of threads kind of reveals the character of each manufacturer. 🙂

419 colours !!
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