UNIQLO x Studio Masachuka

We are honoured to announce that we started collaborating with UNIQLO UK. They gave us the opportunity to train their repairing service team and offer our Japanese haberdashery items, especially those related to Sashiko. Also we made Sashiko Kimono for the display.

Today UNIQLO just started their first Sashiko repairing service worldwide in their newly opened flagship store in Regent Street. They want to bring their service to a next level by using Japanese Sashiko mending techniques.

Sashiko is a type of traditional Japanese embroidery stitching dating back to the 17th century. Originally used for repairing and reinforcing cloths and clothing it is now much appreciated for its decorative qualities.

The Repair studio is located on lower ground floor. If you have any UNIQLO products that need repairing/upcycling please bring them there. Or if you prefer do it by yourself you can buy some tools or a Sashiko starter kit as well.

This is a great way to make your beloved clothing last longer with beautiful personalised designs.