Original Monpe pants pattern

This is the pattern layout for Karusan/Monpe pants (軽袴/もんぺ). I made this based on the textbook published by Shuji Kuramochi in 1934. The length is 530cm and the width is 37cm (as this is the standard width of Japanese traditional fabrics) Basically there is no wastage, apart from the one marked in red. It took a bit of time to figure out how I could make trousers out of this! The origin of these pants goes back to medieval times. It’s thought they were created based on trousers worn by Portuguese missionaries (calção = Shorts! lol). Initially worn by many people at that time (from Samurais to farmers), it then became more like workwear. Because they`re so comfortable/ easy to move around, they`re still quite popular in Japan as workwear. For me these patterns are very impressive and inspirational as I just got so used to modern trousers patterns.
I will make a sample based on this (hopefully tomorrow if I have time!)
Will keep you updated!