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How to make a handmade reusable mask with filter pocket

This video shows you how to make a reusable mask with filter pocket. You can print PDF pattern from the link below. This is one of our first prototype face masks so we will update improved version once it’s ready. This is finished with binding tape so some people might find it quite difficult.. If […]

Stitching heavy material

Walking foot machine. JUKi – DU1181N This juki DU1181N is an ideal machine for stitching heavy materials such as denim and leather. What is walking foot machine?   The walking foot sewing machine has a special mechanism for stitching fabrics/materials, unlike a normal sewing machine which only feeds with the bottom teeth, it feeds the […]

Choosing the right sewing thread

Are you using the right sewing thread for your clothing? There are a few different threads to choose from depending on the item/material you are working on. At our studio, we are mainly using 6 different types of Japanese Fujix threads (King series). King polyester (also called Tetron)– This superfine and sleek yet strong filament […]

Digital pattern cutting

Apparel CAD – Alpha myu We use apparel CAD for pattern cutting. For the type of work we do, this works best. And you never lose small pattern pieces unless you lose the data 🙂 When we make a garment, we need to literally read its patterns and there are lots of signs/marks. Here are […]

The iron duke

Reece 101 We’ve been dreaming about getting this keyhole buttonhole machine, now we finally got it!Luckily one of the london based manufacturers was looking for a new home for this monster. This machine is Reece 101, It’s also called “The Iron Duke” It is a real vintage but still very popular among makers in the UK . I’ve never seen this one […]

Treasure your tools

When I left my country 7 yrs ago I was given some nice farewell gifts. This”Amakusa natural waterstone/sharpning stone” is from a guy who is running a sewing machine shop in my hometown.(Amakusa is his hometown) He used to run a sewing factory so he knows so much about sewing and of course sewing machines […]