The iron duke

Reece 101

Reece 101

We’ve been dreaming about getting this keyhole buttonhole machine, now we finally got it!
Luckily one of the london based manufacturers was looking for a new home for this monster.

This machine is Reece 101, It’s also called “The Iron Duke”

Reece 101
Reece 101

It is a real vintage but still very popular among makers in the UK . I’ve never seen this one in Japan, Durkopp or Juki are more popular there.

The machine has some “This model only”special features which makes this model so popular.

– Stationery bed plate. Only the head travels around the buttonhole so the garment doesn’t move during stitching

– Handstitch imitation hole. With a top gimp attachment it gives the appearance of a hand-sewn buttonhole.

Reece 101 – Button hoke counter

Also our machine has a “buttonhole counter” so you can see how many holes were made so far. It says 252 million!! Oh we love our “The iron dude” 🙂

Reece 101
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