What is Sashiko

Sashiko (刺し子) is a traditional type of Japanese embroidery and stitching dating back to the Edo period (1615 – 1868). It was first developed among working class people such as farmers and fishermen for mending their worn-out cloths and clothing. Cloth was a precious commodity and by applying Sashiko they could make it stronger and last longer. They kept on mending their clothing in this way and passed it down through the generations. In other words: Sashiko is an old traditional Japanese upcycling technique.

Sashiko and tools now available at UNIQLO in Regent Street 

UNIQLO just started their first Sashiko repairing service worldwide in their newly opened flagship store in Regent Street. They want to bring their service to a next level by using Japanese Sashiko mending techniques. The Repair studio is located on lower ground floor. If you have any UNIQLO products that need repairing/upcycling please bring them there. Or if you prefer do it by yourself you can also buy some tools or a Sashiko starter kit.
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Sashiko needle

Misuya Chubei founded in 1819 in Kyoto. They are one of two remaining Misuya needle makers in Japan. History of Misuya needle dating back to the 11th century.  You can find more information about Misuya needle by clicking the link below. 

Sashiko Thread

One of Japan`s most famous Daruma threads is made by YOKOTA CO., LTD. The company was founded by Chozaemon Yokota. Their passion towards making quality threads hasn`t changed since they started their business in 1901. .

Sashiko kits

Sashiko box

scissors & Snippers

We use quite a few different scissors and snippers. The snippers are very popular in Japan and allow you to cut threads very smoothly. The small shears are suitable for cutting small pieces of fabric. We have more sizes of scissors available. If interested, please go to the tab “cutting”

useful tools

We have various items that you might find useful for Sashiko. Here is a small selection. For more, please check our other pages.


featured items

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