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As clothing maker we use various tools and materials on a daily basis. Most of these tools used in fashion & textile industries throughout Japan and worldwide have a long history and withstood the test of time by countless professionals hands. We carefully select the best tools and materials for our products and can therefore confidently sell what we are using everyday. 
As we’re constantly searching and reviewing new tools, please do keep in touch for updates.
We hope these items make your sewing life a little bit easier!


We are honoured to announce that we started collaborating with UNIQLO UK.
Now some of our items are also available at UNIQLO shop in Regent Street (Repair Studio on lower ground floor)

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Bunka Fashion Series Garment Design Textbook

These are the last copies from the publisher. Bunka stopped printing these English translated textbooks so we are not able to restock them
NOTE: Due to limited availability only one textbook per order please.


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