• 目打ち SEWING AWL

A sewing awl is mainly used for unpicking threads, shaping corners and feeding fabric where your fingers can’t reach. It’s a very useful and versatile daily tool. We don’t use a seam ripper mainly because it can damage the fabric, but also because we think it’s much quicker to unpick seams with an awl.


We use this 20cm long bamboo ruler for measuring small things whilst sewing. This size fits your hand very well and is perfect for use within the limited space of your sewing machine. We also use a 15cm stainless ruler but in comparison to this bamboo one, it becomes hot when using on an ironing board. 

  • 小バサミ   SNIPPERS

We use quite a few different snippers for various reasons.

More snippers are coming soon.

  • ピンセット   TWEEZERS

Tweezers are a very useful tool for sewing. They can hold fabrics and you can use them very close to the needle. We’ve been using so many different tweezers and believe we’ve found the perfect one for sewing (KFI 130mm tweezers) . Their difference lies in the length, thickness and also in the shape of the grip end (we prefer a round shape above square shape).

And Kawaguchi 75mm tweezers are useful for removing threads or tiny materials from your fabric.

  • チャコ/マーカー   FABRIC MARKER

There are mainly three different types of markers. We use these for different purposes.
1. Permanent marker – You could wipe it off with cloth and water but it might not come off completely. 
2. Erasable marker – Special ink which can be wiped off with water or heat.
3. Naturally vanishing marker – They naturally vanish in 0.5 – 14 days or can also be erased with water or a special eraser.

  • 針   NEEDLES

Hand sewing needles in various lengths and widths for each purpose. 


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