Shozaburo 20cm Sewing shears (Right-handed)


These 20cm Shozaburo shears are the shortest version of its range. Because their body is compact they’re great for using within the limited space of your sewing machine table or ironing board. We’re using these shears for cutting or snipping seam allowances and materials that are too thick for the usual hand snippers.

NOTE : Although it is possible, they’re not the most suitable shears for cutting fabrics because of their size. 

What makes these Japanese shears so special is their long history of craftsmanship. Unlike modern scissors these shears rely on a traditional Japanese blade forging method (similar to Samurai swords). Because of a unique combination of high quality blade steel and very soft steel they can keep their sharpness and are long-lasting. However, this also means they are delicate and you need to look after them very carefully.

These shears are only suitable for professional use:

  • Do not cut anything other than what it is meant for.
  • Do not drop your shears. This might ruin the alignment of the blades as they are only joined together at one point.
  • Once you start using them, do not lend to other people because the shears will adapt to your hand.

They also require maintenance so you can use them for a lifetime. You will need to get them sharpened when they become less smooth for which we recommend going to a professional sharpener. There is one sharpener in London which we highly recommend called Kataba.

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