Misuya Chubei – Hand Sewing Needle for Silk (Round Eye)


This Misuya Chubei Silk needle was designed for the purpose of hand sewing silk fabrics or very thin and delicate materials.

The package contains: 25 needles

Shape of the eye: Round

Note: This round eye is Misuya’s unique feature. However you might find threading difficult if you never used the needle before.

There are 5 different lengths available of which we stock 3 sizes for now:

  • 四 – 一 = 4-1 (Size W:0.56mm L 33.3mm)
  • 四 – 三 = 4-3 (Size W:0.56mm L 39.4mm)
  • 四 – 五 = 4-5 (Size W:0.56mm L 45.5mm)

Note: The package is written only in Japanese.

Please always store needles safely and keep away from children.


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